Overview of Smart Grid: A Review


  • Masisani William Mufana and Adabara Ibrahim




The smart grid complements the deficit in traditional electrical energy such as the pollution issues that come with certain energy resources such as fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Many literature discusses various technologies but very few talk about the implementation of the smart grid and its considerations to be implemented, the assessment of the power system with the communication network put into play, how to optimize technological schemes with economic and political constraints put into consideration and many other considerations. Governments across the globe and related organizations such as utility companies are eager to assess the cost and advantages of new technological mechanisms scientifically as opposed to decision making with no scientific base. Decision Support System is a system of information that is interfaced with computers to support the making of decisions in operations, management, and planning for assessing the technologies. A lot of advanced technologies, creative architectures, and paperback algorithms have been deployed into the existing electrical power systems for improved energy efficiency and accomplish resource allocation optimization and ultimately make the grid “smart”. Two-way communication systems’ deployment is one of the distinctive mark of the smart grid. The smart can gather and transfer monitored data from the power system elements to operators of the system using the smart grid monitoring system and form a two-way communication system via the grid power plant and the end user of electricity. The smart grid implementation is a gradual process to substitute the conventional power systems’ elements built on the basis of existing systems and building brand new systems which would be very costly. Smart grid planning involves not only the consideration of these creative technologies but also respecting the interest of all the stakeholders involved.  Decision making requires to be executed to analyze each smart grid component and its cost before investment and consequently deploying into the real grid.

Keywords: Smart Grid, Support System, technologies and conventional power.




Masisani William Mufana and Adabara Ibrahim (2022).Overview of Smart Grid: A Review IDOSR JOURNAL OF COMPUTER AND APPLIED SCIENCES 7(1):33-44.