Realtime Drug Interaction, Verification and Authentication System

*Ukamaka Victoria  Enyi and Boniface Ekechukwu

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Evaluation of the effects of heavy metal induced stress on MDA concentrations (Benincasa hispida and Lagenaria siceraria seeds)

Ali C.H., Lukong C.B., Ebugosi R.S., Achara N.I., Ogalagu R.O., Ifemeje J.C., Ani B.C. and Nwaka C.S.

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Biochemical Changes And Amino Acid Profile Of “Ogiri” Produced From Castor Oil Seed (Ricinus Communis)

Dimejesi, S.A., Odibo, F.J.C, Umeoduagu N.D., Ofunwa, J.O. and Ebo, P.U.

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Physico-Chemical Analysis of Hirnare Borehole Water in Nafada Local Government Area, Gombe State of Nigeria

Aliyu, H.U.,Sudais, A.I., Kawuwa, B. and Labaran, H.S.

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Antiviral property of crude ethanolic extract of Mangifera indica leaves on embryonated henss’ eggs infected with Newcastle disease virus

Abraham, O.J.*, Onwuatuegwu, J.T.C., Oruma, Y.U., Sulaiman, L.K.,  Ahmed, S.J., Okutachi, A.M. and Paul P.

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The challenges associated with the current procurement system of the University of Benin Teaching hospital (UBTH).

Okorie Emeka, Enijuni Francis and Oluwa Tosin Akande

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Association between Cord Serum Zinc and Some Obstetric Factors

Okeji Chidimma Noela

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Association between cord serum zinc level and birth weight, gender, socioeconomic class and maternal Serum Zinc Level.

Okeji Chidimma Noela, Ezeofor T.C. and Egbuonu I.

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